Topics for the 63rd Young Königswinter Conference 2023

The theme of the 63rd Young Königswinter Conference will be What sort of leadership do we need? The up to 40 participants will discuss the following three topics:

Topic 1

How should we fight for our interests and values?
  1. When is military action justified?
  2. When is direct action justified? (Strikes, street blockades, …)
  3. What do we need to do to strengthen parliamentary democracy?
  4. What we each (Brits and Germans) have to learn from the other’s systems?

Topic 2

What is the representative society for the 2020s and how do we build it?
  1. What kind of diversity do we need? Won’t we end up creating a new establishment?
  2. Should there still be quotas and if so which?
  3. How do we best tackle regional and class disparities in job opportunities?
  4. What role can a feminist foreign policy play?
  5. What is best practice in the UK and Germany?

Topic 3

What is the future of work for the generations taking over?
  1. Between “quiet quitting” and 60 hour work weeks: Do we need to redefine the role of work in our lives, and if so how?
  2. Are labour shortages giving employees more power and how should they exercise it?
  3. Safety first; failing fast: the rights and wrongs of UK and German approaches to work
  4. Is AI a helper, competitor, or destroyer?