Topics for the working Groups 2019

The theme of the 59. Young Königswinter Conference will be “The future of the UK-German relationship in a world of danger“. The up to 40 participants will discuss the topic in three working groups:

Group 1

The UK, Germany and Europe after BREXIT: how do we strengthen the global architecture?
  1. How to strengthen the transatlantic bond with the United States (more and more unpredictable?)
  2. Russia’s power projections and new alliances: what kind of EU+ strategy to prevent conflict by coincidence?
  3. Can China be engaged? What are our priorities and means?
  4. How to improve the relations with our neighbouring continent Africa?
  5. International answers to worldwide fundamentalist terrorism

Group 2

Globalisation, artificial intelligence, climate change – social market economy, welfare state, U.S. capitalism, Chinese model
  1. Who are the actors now, who should be the players? What can individuals, markets, states and international organisations do? And in which system?
  2. How can Britain and Germany best cooperate in all three areas? Whose partnership should we seek? The United Nations are strongly engaged in the areas of climate, environment and development– should they be more involved in other questions of the 21st century?
  3. The future of work in the digital age: generational changes? More or less regulation? Work-life-balance?

Group 3

Social cohesion in danger
  1. Means to bridge the Brexit divisions within the UK and between the UK and Germany
  2. Political class and the estranged citizen: what kind of confidence building measures to moderate a togetherness of state and citizen?
  3. Representation matters: how to include and engage marginalised groups in all levels of society? What special challenges do women face?