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Young Königswinter is a conference series of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V., Berlin. In keeping with the Young Königswinter tradition, the Young Königswinter Alumni meet at regular and independent alumni conferences organized by alumni volunteers.



Under the patronage of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, the Young Königswinter Conferences today look back on a tradition of more than 60 years of fostering German-British friendship. They aim to foster the intercultural exchange between young Germans and Britons, who at the conferences discuss social and political issues over several days. For many years, the conferences have generated a high level of cohesion between the participants and have become one of the key events in the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft’s portfolio. In 2009, participants of the YKW conferences founded the Young Königswinter Alumni Association (Verein).

Young Königswinter Alumni GruppenbildThe Association is a registered charity in Germany and has its office in Berlin. The alumni‘s decentralised organisational structure is maintained, however, and they are encouraged to conduct regional activities under the auspices of the Young Königswinter Alumni Association. Enabling meetings and friendships with regard to German-British relations is the Association’s central rationale.

First and foremost, the Association aims at institutionalising the alumni network, maintaining and deepening the exchange and creating new points of contact. To this end, it has already initiated a range of activities (event series, lectures and receptions).

Secondly, the Association wants to contribute to the public political debate, with the YKW Alumni representing a group with a great interest in German-British relations. They are successful in their jobs, highly motivated and hard-working, bound together by the common desire to contribute to society and the democratic development of the body politic. The Association wants to promote and actively use the alumni’s potential in order to generate an interdisciplinary discourse on current socio-political issues and to encourage common engagement. In doing so, the Association not only considers itself a link between former and future YKW participants, but also as an intermediary between its members and society. In this spirit, it is a particular concern of the Association to stimulate and contribute to a sustained engagement in and for civil society.

Young Königswinter AlumniThe YKW-Alumni Association offers a vibrant and active network in the German-British context. The Association bundles its members’ activities and creates a persistent bond, founded in the YKW conferences. The Association offers access to more than 60 years of Young Königswinter Conferences with hundreds of alumni, and the opportunity to engage ambitious and successful people interested equally in cultural and business exchanges. The Association’s expanding interdisciplinary network provides an inexhaustible pool for institutionalised civic involvement across party lines.

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Did you attend the Young Königswinter Conference and have lost contact to the alumni network? Drop us an email at board(at)ykwa(dot)de and we will put you on the list. If you are not a member of the Verein yet you can find an application form here.

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