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58th Young Königswinter Conference: 25-29 July 2018, Berlin

The 58th Young Königswinter Conference will take place from 25 to 29 July 2018 in Berlin. The Young Königswinter Conference addresses the up-and-coming… Weiterlesen


57th Young Königswinter Conference: Berlin, 14-18 June 2017

The 57th Young Königswinter Conference was held from 14th to 18th June in Berlin. The participants discussed the Conference theme in three working… Weiterlesen

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Simon Wells

Simon Wells is the Spokesperson and Head of the Communication and Bilateral Relations section at the British Embassy in Berlin. He joined the… Weiterlesen


Sophia Gaston

Sophia Gaston is a social and political researcher, who conducts major international, citizen-focused projects on social and cultural crises, political change and populism,… Weiterlesen


Ralf Beste

Ralf Beste serves as Head of Policy Planning at the German Foreign Office. His previous assignments were as Director for Strategic Communication, and… Weiterlesen

About the Conference

„It was an extraordinary crash course that I don’t think could be bettered. In a week, I learned more than I could have discovered in the grandest library or on the most luxurious of holidays.“ British participant