Working Groups

Group 2: Lasting Economic Stability?

  1. How do the changing structures of world economy and trade impact our economic perspectives? Our living conditions? How will US protectionism impact the economy in the UK, Germany, and Europe in general? What are the repercussions of the UK’s approach as the 27 EU members, Asia, Africa and Latin America shape their trade and commerce in multilateral systems?
  2. Do the differences in economic performance in Northern and Southern Europe stand in the way of a further development of the EU?
  3. Will the welfare state need to be further cut back? Is austerity the way forward or is a more effective and fairer tax system an option? How could that be achieved?
  4. How do we secure the necessary resources for our economies in the long term? What role for improved and more cooperative education across European borders? Do we need to rethink the way education systems work in a digitalized world?