Information for Applicants

The application period for the next Young Königswinter Conference, which will take place in Berlin from 21 – 25th July, 2023 has now ended.


Young Köngiswinter Conference Potential candidates can submit an independent application or be nominated by, for example, a past participant of either Young Königswinter or Königswinter, a representative of business, charitable organisations, research institutes, political parties or unions, or by a representative of the Gesellschaft.

The Young Königswinter Conference addresses the up-and-coming generation of British and German decision-makers. The participants are drawn from a wide base including politics, business, academia, culture, the media, the third-sector, and have either already started their careers or are completing post-graduate studies.

Pre-requisites for an application are a high-degree of political awareness (also at a European level) and an excellent command of the English language. Participants are expected to be well prepared in order to be able to contribute to the discussions – for example, by giving a short introduction to the subject of their chosen study group.

The Conference has established itself as a well-known and important forum for promoting German-British understanding. Therefore, applications far exceed the number of available places and participation cannot be guaranteed. Candidates are selected according to many criteria, not least their specialist knowledge of a particular study group subject.

Applying to attend

  1. should be aged between 25 and 32 years
  2. should have a genuine interest in German-British relations and European affairs
  3. should have excellent English language skills
  4. We are committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunity at the conference and encourage women and/or people from minority groups (e.g. people with migration backgrounds and/or disabilities) to apply.

Please submit

  1. the application form
  2. a cover letter (300 – 500 words) in English outlining why you would like to attend
  3. a CV in English (tabular format)


The deadline for applications for the 63rd Young Königswinter Confererence has now ended. The next application period will start in spring 2024.


  1. Participants are asked to contribute €200 to cover part of the arising costs.
  2. The Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft covers accommodation, full board, transfers and other costs arising from the programme, i.e. entrance to exhibitions. Travel can be reimbursed in certain circumstances upon request (up to €100 for participants traveling within Germany and up to €200 for participants residing outside Germany),

Location and Date

The Young Königswinter Conferences takes place at the European Academy Berlin annually in summer. The next conference date is 21 – 25th July, 2023.

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